Laser Dentistry

Cutting edge Laser technology optimizes your comfort level and reduces chair side time for a variety of Dental procedures


About Laser Dentistry

Laser procedures can be more precise. There are several advantages of using lasers in dentistry:

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Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQ)

Yes! Lasers have been widely used in dentistry and other medical fields for many years, and are considered completely safe.

Most patients feel nothing during laser treatments. Some patients report a slight sensation and may hence require an anesthetic.

Almost all soft tissue procedures where the surgical knife is avoided Laser can be used. It is pain free and reduces postoperative healing time. Laser at times can be used for hard tissue procedures, like tooth cavity preparation.

Composite Resin veneers over a period of time can discolor or chip and may need maintainance or periodic redoing. However, Ceramic veneers are resistant to staining and are a permanent option.

Lasers eliminate the need to administer anesthesia, reduce symptoms and post operative healing time compared to traditional therapies, ensuring better patient compliance. Also there is no bleeding to be expected with Laser surgery.

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