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Cosmetic dentistry

Decay is one of the most common problems affecting the oral cavity. To arrest its progress, it is advisable to remove the decay in its early stages and fill the cavity with a filling material.

About Cosmetic Dentistry

Keeping up with the current trend of Nanotechnology, we use the latest 3M ESPE Nano-hybrids - Filtek Z350 to ensure sufficient strength and esthetics for all your restoration needs.

We also recommend replacing your old leaky and unaesthetic silver fillings with invisible aesthetic tooth color fillings!

Indications: Filling of Decayed Teeth Broken or fractured teeth Abrasion or wear facets.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

White fillings are made of dental bonding (also called dental composite or dental resin). They are an alternative to the traditional metal amalgam fillings. Because they are white, they can be made to match your natural tooth color.

Tooth color Dental composite fillings match the tooth color and are therefore not noticeable. They bond to tooth structure and therefore minimize interphase leakage.

Yes, it is very much possible to replace old silver fillings with cosmetic fillings. In fact, it is recommended as the old silver fillings tend to get leaky over time. Which if gone unnoticed , lead to secondary decay underneath the filling.

Composite Resin veneers over a period of time can discolor or chip and may need maintainance or periodic redoing. However, Ceramic veneers are resistant to staining and are a permanent option.

The cost of the filling depends on the extent of filling material used. Pit fillings differ as compared to fillings which involve single or multiple surfaces. To request a quote call us on opus dental specialities.

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Dr. Niralee Shah

Prosthodontist & General Dentist

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Dr. Ritika Parikh

General Dentist

Dr. Burzin Khan, Dr. Anubha Jain, Dr. Ektaa Sheth, Dr. Niralee Shah & Dr. Ritika Parikh

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Exceeded my expectations....I am very happy with the result! Very well done!
Jasmine Shaikh
Emirates, UAE
Dr. Khan and Dr. Purvi Bhargava were most skilled with excellent relationship skills. My experience and treatment surpassed expectations. When asked for a referral, I specifically requested a dentist who was skilled and placed emphasis on hygiene. Dr. Khan, his colleagues and staff provide a welcome oasis for dental care. There is also a well-tended and impressive balcony garden that is used by patient and staff - a lovely environment retreat.
Twilla Duncan
Journalist, USA

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