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Periodontics / Gum treatment

Periodontal diseases range from gum inflammation to major damage to the soft tissue and bone that support the teeth. Bacteria, along with mucus and other particles, constantly form a sticky, colorless “plaque” on teeth. Brushing and flossing help get rid of plaque.

About Dental Scaling and Polishing

Plaque that is not removed can harden and form “tartar” that brushing doesn’t clean. Only a professional cleaning by a dentist can remove tartar. The bacteria cause inflammation of the gums that is called “gingivitis”, in which the gums become red, swollen, and can bleed easily. This form of gum disease does not include any loss of bone and tissue that hold teeth in place. When gingivitis is not treated, it can advance to “periodontitis” (which means “inflammation around the tooth”). The gums pull away from the teeth and form spaces/pockets that become infected.

The main goal of periodontal treatment is to control the infection. The type of treatment required will vary from surgical to non-surgical, depending on the extent of the gum disease. Any type of treatment requires that the patient keep up good daily care at home.

A Regular dental examination will, therefore, ensure early necessary treatment and prevent the progress of the disease.

Scaling and polishing

Scaling and polishing involve the use of ultrasonic devices that removes tartar, deposits, and stains from areas that are difficult to reach during routine tooth brushing. This reduces the possibility of tooth decay and gum disease. It leaves the tooth surface smooth which makes it less susceptible to bacterial plaque.

Opus Dental Specialities is one of the few dental centers which have the EMS Air Polishing System. This system involves the use of compressed air and water pressure to deliver a stream of processed sodium bicarbonate powder through a nozzle. It is the least damaging and most efficient means of cleaning stains on the enamel.

As part of good oral hygiene measures, it is recommended to get a cleanup done every 6 months!!

Opus believes, our clients should not only get the treatment but also provide the right knowledge about Dental Health Care. We have the best cosmetic dentist in Mumbai who will treat you and guide you for further Dental Healthcare. Our clients feel that Opus is the best dental clinic in Mumbai because we have the right and pleasant set up with the best and affordable treatment for all!

Frequently Asked Questions.(FAQ)

As part of good oral hygiene standards, it is recommended to visit the dentist every six months for teeth cleaning and to check up on your overall oral health.

By removing the plaque build-up of bacteria, it reduces tartar and the possibility of tooth decay and gum disease. Scaling also removes external stains from teeth produced by food, beverages, smoking etc. and leaves the tooth surface smooth and less susceptible to plaque.

Because porcelain veneers are thin and cover less of the tooth surface, they require less re-shaping of the tooth than a crown, thereby conserving more of your natural tooth structure. They are hence sometimes referred to as minimal or no preparation restorations, ‘Thinneers’.

Bleeding gums is primarily due to improper oral hygiene measures causing a thin sticky tenacious film called plaque to build up along the gum margins. Plaque harbour bacteria which is detrimental to oral health. This plaque hardens over time to form calculus (tartar).

Secondarily various underlying systemic diseases such as diabetes or blood disorders could also be contributing factors for gum inflammation.

We at Opus Dental Specialities educate our patients about oral hygiene maintenance and stress on a regular follow up visits to prevent progression of gum disease.

Composite Resin veneers over a period of time can discolor or chip and may need maintainance or periodic redoing. However, Ceramic veneers are resistant to staining and are a permanent option.

Treatment depends on the severity of the disease. The condition may be resolved by non-surgical therapy which entails deep cleaning, curettage, and local drug delivery or may be followed by a flap surgery which is done under local anaesthesia.

The root of the tooth is exposed by opening the gums. Then the root can be cleaned, and plaque and calculus are removed, bone is contoured and the gums are then secured back into place with stitches. We may use bone substitutes to regenerate bone.

Patient is then kept on a regular maintenance protocol and the gums are closely monitored.

Yes, in certain cases the colour of your gums can be made lighter with Lasers or surgical means. Ask your dentist to assist with information regarding the same.

Treatment for a gummy smile varies depending on the extent on gum display. Gum contouring is done according to the desired size and shape of the teeth. In some cases veneers or crowns may be needed for esthetic outcomes. In certain conditions braces may also be needed. Opus Dental Specialities will be happy to guide you in making the choice of treatment after the necessary investigations and give you the treatment plan and estimate for the same.

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