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Teeth in a day

Opus Dental Specialities is the best dental clinic in Mumbai, which is one of the few implants centers in the country to bring you the most Innovative, “Teeth in a Day“, a concept that is marketed by leading dental implant companies in the world.

About Teeth in a day

With sound scientific backing, clinical expertise, and a thorough diagnosis preoperatively using the in-house CBCT for bone mapping, we pioneer in the world-renowned Nobel Biocare’s “All on Four “, and the, “Fast and Fixed” solutions from Bredent Germany.

With the addition of the penguin RFA device in our practice, our procedures have become 100 % predictable. Penguin RFA device is one of the most accurate means of determining implant stability which is a very important parameter in deciding immediate loading of teeth on implants.

For compromised situations, where excessive bone resorption has occurred, this procedure helps to avoid multiple surgeries and complicated grafting procedures and is, therefore, one of the most sought-after treatment modalities.

A preoperative 3D CBCT scan helps in accurately determining the clinical situation & pre-planning the procedure thereby eliminating any surprises and also providing completely computer-guided procedures for accurate results. After extraction of the teeth; implants are placed and a temporary restoration delivered immediately, all in a day!!

The final definitive restoration follows after a period of about 3 to 6 months…!

So walk into our clinic having the best dentist in Mumbai, and walk out with a full set of fixed teeth on the same day and instantly restore your ability to eat, and smile with confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions.(FAQ)

The “teeth in a day” concept is the latest innovation in the field of implant dentistry. However it is critical for the ideal case selection to determine a 100% successful result.

It is ideal for situations like;

  • Loss of tooth due to trauma/fall
  • Loss of many or all teeth with compromised bone situation
  • Loose teeth with mobility in advanced periodontal disease
  • Have a complete denture and want an economical option for fixed teeth

In all the above situations Implant/s are placed immediately at the time of extraction and an immediate provisional is given in the same appointment.

At Opus Dental Specialities, we pioneer in the world renowned Nobel Biocare “All on Four “ concept of immediate tooth replacement as well as are country opinion leaders for the Bredent medical Gmbh, “Fast and Fixed” solutions for Same Day Teeth.

In cases where there is little or insufficient bone available to do conventional Implant procedures and would require considerable bone grafting, Fast & Fixed or All on Four provides an quick & easy alternative to immediate fixed restoration of missing teeth…!

An implant procedure for a single missing tooth with an immediate provisional crown takes only an hour and often referred to as Tooth in an Hour. With many missing teeth or full arch or full mouth replacement theprocedures will take an extended amount of time and involves preplanning to deliver an immediate fixed set of teeth the same day.

Because porcelain veneers are thin and cover less of the tooth surface, they require less re-shaping of the tooth than a crown, thereby conserving more of your natural tooth structure. They are hence sometimes referred to as minimal or no preparation restorations, ‘Thinneers’.

The procedure is done under local anesthesia and hence patients are very comfortable throughout the duration of the procedure. Patients who closely adhere to post-op instructions for home care find that recovery from dental implant surgery is quick and minimally disruptive. The procedural discomfort is superseded by the pleasure of going back home with a Smile. Having a full set of teeth and being able to chew and enjoy food improves the quality of life.

Secondarily various underlying systemic diseases such as diabetes or blood disorders could also be contributing factors for gum inflammation.

We at Opus Dental Specialities educate our patients about oral hygiene maintenance and stress on a regular follow up visits to prevent progression of gum disease.

Composite Resin veneers over a period of time can discolor or chip and may need maintainance or periodic redoing. However, Ceramic veneers are resistant to staining and are a permanent option.

The cost of the treatment depends on varied situations of missing teeth and requirement of implants and quality of the teeth. Hence a preliminary consult is required to work out the treatment estimate best suited to your needs.

The root of the tooth is exposed by opening the gums. Then the root can be cleaned, and plaque and calculus are removed, bone is contoured and the gums are then secured back into place with stitches. We may use bone substitutes to regenerate bone.

Patient is then kept on a regular maintenance protocol and the gums are closely monitored.

Our Specialists​

Dr. Burzin Khan - Chief Dentist

Prosthodontist & Implantologist


Dr. Anubha Jain

General & Aesthetic Dentist & Implantologist


Dr. Ektaa Sheth



It was a totally painless procedure...the Doctors are very experienced and good to deal with. The clinic meets International standards, is super clean & hygienic. I have stopped going to any other Dentist and would highly recommend Opus Dental Specialities and Dr Khan.
Hinoti Joshi

Treatment:- Fast & fixed full mouth restoration with Teeth in a Day Excellent treatment procedure and very good team of doctors. I am very grateful to Dr. Khan for giving back my confidence & smile. Thank You
Mukta Bhargava

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